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We've just added a new product to the family of CP bridges.

We now have MODERN 54mm string spacing as an option ( as well as Vintage 7 7/32 and narrow MIM 2 1/16) . These bridges fit any readily available 10.8mm saddles. 

Milled string guides,  which further helps to minimise tension differences ( and consequent breakages ) as the string comes up out of the plate.



AN OFFER , but it is first come first served. 

We are grateful to you guys for all the love and support and we know you like a deal. 

SO a batch ( 10 or so ) of the latest Holy Grail's with Vintage 2 7/32 mounting, MODERN 54 mm string spacing.

are being offered as complete assemblies ( normal retail is £144.99) and so with 25% ish off,  they reduced to £109. 

Only added 10 mins ago , so you guys are getting first dibs. link to product in the online shop here 

A mailing will be going out to some 2000 existing customers early eve tomorrow. 

The complete assembly is the best seller ( especially to new project builders) and with this config you can easily change to wider 2 7/32 string spacing ( or even narrower 2 1/16) in the future if you prefer ( or indeed a new owner prefers) . 

There is everything you need including , saddle height kit, when you buy a complete assembly. see pic below.


Let me know if you have any questions.
kind regards
Andy Preston
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