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I feel I have neglected you 'offset' fans .... sooooooo
I took the opportunity of being off with my hernia op to put the finishing touches to some ideas and pickups I have had waiting in the wings for a while. The first (above) is the Oil City ClassiCat ... a vintage output Jaguar pickup, hand scatter wound, and with the ferrous claw potted on to eliminate microphonic squeal. 7k  bridge, 5.9k neck ... alnico 5. with cloth hookup wire and aged white covers ... glassy and open with just a shade more output at the bridge.

Joining that shortly will be the HardCat ... a higher output, fatter version.

Both will be available with or without claws. 

I am going to be taking pics of the Jazzmaster offerings shortly ... these will include a classic output version, a high output variant, and a P90 style, twin magnet version. 

Professional pickup winder, horse-testpilot and recovering Chocolate Hobnob addict.
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