"The portrayal of human emotion through creative and imaginative skill"

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I just think this is a great thing for us to watch because he is trying to teach us what it is to play music. He hardly mentions notes or technique or anything like that - it's all about how to convey the spirituality of the music through our playing. I especially thought that it was evident in the Tchaikowsky, and his description that the most dangerous thing about playing this concerto is to limit yourself to just playing the instrument, because the piece demands such virtuosity, whereas in fact, the playing of the notes is just the qualifier, it's the art that you create that counts. The question is, can you create, with your imagination and your skill, the human emotions that the piece describes? Are you able to draw from the spirituality of the music and turn it back out to the audience? And then he says, you have to grip the entire piece in your imagination and build a strategy that actually delivers the piece and ensures those emotions come out at the right time? I really enjoyed it. I suppose you've got to be able to play the violin too but this business about Art is what strikes me from all truly great musicians and their master classes. It's the same with Barenboim. They focus about the music, the emotion that the music really means. and how to build that emotion. I know that they all have learned how to play Dorian mode etc, but how often do you see a guitar clip on youtube actually turning that ammunition into art? If art is the portrayal of human emotion through creative and imaginative skill, which I think it is, and that's what we're musicians for, then let's concentrate on that and use our techniques on delivering what they're designed for. If anyone knows of any clips of guitarists teaching in this way I'd be fascinated to see them. I know Vai often does but any others?


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