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Prompted by some recent debates, and 2 years of experience since we had our first attempt at defining rules, we're refreshed and simplified our rules.

The Rules. 

This is a forum, not a courtroom. We don’t want to write rules any more than you want to read them. Help us keep the rules simple by keeping to the rules. 

  1. Don’t be a dick. This is the most important rule. Every other rule is just this one in more detail. 
  2. Don’t be nasty. That means being personally and deliberately insulting, aggressive or vindictive towards any other member or group. 
  3. You are allowed one userID. Signing up with more will result in a perma-ban. 
  4. Remember the forum is public. Don’t post anything that might get others (or yourself) in trouble if they’re browsing the site from work or a public computer. 
  5. Do not use the forum for anything illegal or libellous. We really don’t want to have to pass your details on to “authorities” that request them. But we will if they do. 
  6. If you want to talk about sex, politics, religion or other topic likely to be contentious, do it in Speaker’s Corner - that’s for members only. 
  7. If you think someone else is breaking a rule, flag it for modmin attention. But be aware that won’t always act just because something is flagged. 
  8. Pitchfork-bearing, vigilante mobs and witch-hunts don’t often help. The admin team may well suspend this rule for any confirmed instances of attempts to scam our community. 

Remember that this is just the internets. If you're getting angry, walk away for a bit. Whatever it is, it won’t be quite so important after you’ve had your bit. 

Breaches of the rules will be dealt with by the modmin team and might consist of the deletion of the offending content, moving a thread (to SC), a warning, cooler time (temporary loss of membership) or a permanent ban. Not necessarily in that order.

There are additional rules that apply to the Classifieds sections.

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