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Over the next few weeks, we'll be migrating the content of the previous Good Traders Version4 thread into the new feedback section & process.

We'll do it as quickly as possible, but there are 144 pages - nearly 4,500 posts - of feedback in the old thread, and we really want to retain that history and migrate it into the next section, so it'll be a week or two.  Whilst we do that work, I've locked the existing v4 thread and will be moving it to a working-in-progress section.  Don't panic, the thread and all the posts hasn't been deleted, it's just moved out of sight whilst we transform all the content into the new process.

In the meantime, please use this thread to continue to post feedback posts, as before, and we'll migrate the content from this thread when we've finished doing the previous thread.  

What is the new feedback section & process?

The discussion thread is here, but in summary the old system was broken;
- it hadn't been updated since Nov13, so all the scores were 2+ years out of date, and anyone joining since Nov13 wasn't included,
- it was dependent on someone maintaining it, ie to update all the "+1" posts into the scores and to add in new members,
- it was flawed in that each post here is limited to a defined number of characters, and the lists were too long to include in the 4 posts reserved in the thread for the scores.

We'll be adopting a process that is similar to BassChat's feedback process (for those who know that system).  In summary;
- there will be a new subsection of Classifieds, called "Feedback".
- within that subsection, each member who has collected trading feedback will have their own thread, titled with their userID.
- anyone trading with that person adds their comment as a post within the thread for that person.
- anyone wanting to see a person's trading history just has to read their thread
- we're looking at tweaking the search function so that it'll be really simple to find the feedback thread for any member

We've also appointed a "Classifieds Mod" because there will be some - but much less - work involved in maintaining the new system.

If you've got any questions or comments on this, please add them to this discussion rather than this feedback thread.
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