Converting a Lemon Drop into a Lucy - PICS!

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I have a Vintage V100MRPGM  Lemon Drop and I love it.

I'd like to play it more live, but as my main job is as a 'George' in a Beatles tribute, the best way of spending more time with it would be to convert it to a Lucy.

This would mean sanding the top back and staining it trans red.

My question really is about whether to try to lightly sand off the stain, or whether to go all out and sand the entire figured veneer from off the top? The original Lucy is quite a shonky looking 2-piece plain top anyway, so the latter would be more accurate.

I'm favouring the option of trying to sand off the entire veneer. I have a rotary sander to do the donkey work, then obvs I'll sand it finely to get a nice surface for the stain.

Any ideas or tips? Anyone know how thick the figured veneer is likely to be?


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