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Yamaha THR10 Amp Review

Since I left the bands I was in I no longer need amps/heads etc but I do still like to play through an amp, so this is my solution.

It's well put together- powdered aluminium & nice knobs. There's no fabric to tear, despite my 4year old there's not a mark on it (crayon wipes right off).
Wide range of modifiable sounds- from chimey cleans to heavily distorted gain this wee box can do it all. You've got delays, reverb etc to play with too. (There is an in depth editing suite for your computer, but I just play it as is & save good sounds to the presets).
The tuner works well too.
Compact & Good looking- MrsLostSon actually LIKES the way it looks. It sits out next to my guitar & is always ready to go.
Aux in- I have an iPod dock connected to it & we use it as the stereo in that room. You can blend the guitar and aux levels for practice along to a track.
Sound- for such a small box the sound is VERY impressive & the stereo sound is quite "wide" it really fills a room.

Bad- sound. I know I put sound in the good section too! Positioning of the amp is VERY important. It's designed to be kept at table/desk/shelf height & the sound becomes a bit mushy & bassy if you get "above" the speakers. Until I read a thread about this I didn't like the amp that much, but now it's sorted I think the sound is very good.
On the rare occasion I use it on the floor I tip the amp to aim the speaker at me.

It IS only 10watts, so you won't be using it to play any venue bigger than your living room: but that's part of the design & not really a flaw.

Overall I think it's a very well designed & constructed amp. Perfect for its intended use as an always ready practice tool.
I've recommended it to several friends & they all seem happy with it too.
Would I buy another one? Absolutely. Although it might be the THR10c instead as I rarely play metal.

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  • stimpsonslostsonstimpsonslostson Frets: 2567
    edited February 2016
    There are plenty of demo videos of this amp without my inexpert noodling.

    Here's Soren Andersen putting a THR through its paces:
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  • Great review, I have the THR10C and love it, I will try raising the unit up a bit when playing it as I had noticed the sound wasn't as great as the videos I'd watched for it.
    So thanks for that great tip!
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  • Good review. I've got a THR10 and find it very convenient to use. Sounds great too. Strangely, I read a post on another forum where the user said it sounded much better on the floor but I've tried this and disagree. Mine is usually perched on the window sill. :D
    Link to my trading feedback
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  • rlwrlw Frets: 1208
    edited February 2016
    Have a THR10C and it gets more use than my PRRI - it really is that good in a domestic environment.
    You can play at deafening levels with headphones if that's your thing, or right down to unplugged and it still sounds great.
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  • I really like my THR10. However since my laptop was "upgraded" to Windus 10 I have had issues with it.

    I use it to play along with tracks from the laptop, but the sound now drops out regularly. I get messages saying that the Steinberg drivers do not support USB 3.0. The Yamaha web page says i have the latest Windows 10 compatable drivers. Frustrating!!

    As a stand alone practice amp i find it to be a great piece of kit and because of the volume i don't get a lot af grief from my Nagger
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  • BlueingreenBlueingreen Frets: 541
    edited February 2016
    I have the THR10C.  One minor annoyance is that he 3 pin plug that connects the power supply into the transformer isn't very secure and works its way loose from time to time.  Also the power stopped working in mine (after a couple of years of regular use).   Probably just a wire loose or something. Sent back to Thomann under their excellent 3 year guarantee and I couldn't be happier with their service (they even picked up the tab for postage).

    Mine was an upgrade from a Roland Microcube, which I think is a superb value for money practice amp. In the past I haven't been super-fussy about how a practice amp sounds,  but I thought given the amount of hours I spend on the thing I could just about justify shelling out for something that sounded a bit classier.  Also I fancied the convenience of the presets.

    The amp has delivered what I hoped and expected from it.  For medium gain soloing I think the Microcube gets reasonably close to the Yamaha in terms of sound quality, but the Fender-type cleans on the Yamaha are in a different league from the Microcube, giving  a very convincing imitation of a Blackface Fender tone at sitting room volume.  The presets are a very useful feature, and the delay/reverb effects very good.

    I've started doing a bit of home recording and have been using a Flyrig 5 for guitar sounds.  Now I have my THR 10C back from Thomann I'm looking forward to seeing how it compares sound-wise.  The Flyrig sounds fantasic but I have a feeling the THR will still manage to top it, both in terms of tone and feel.
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  • I've got one and also experienced a very muddy sound especially on higher gain settings.Even with the treble turned up fully the problem was still there.I was playing with the amp on the floor,angled up but have since started placing it on a small oak table and the sound has noticeably improved to a point where I only need to have the treble between twelve and three o'clock on a humbucker guitar and considerably lower with single coils.The acoustics also improved,with the sound projecting around the room rather than straight at you.It sounds even better at high volumes.

    They're great little grab and go amps.
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  • DaevidJDaevidJ Frets: 179
    I have mine sat on an Ikea Expedit block that is used as a bed-side table.  I don't think i have ever used an amp as much before in a bedroom setting as i have this one. 
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  • HaychHaych Frets: 274
    I have had the THR10 for a while now and IMHO it has some very good features and some not so good features.

    It's one of the better modelling amps out there - the only one that's impressed me in terms of sound quality really, although a couple of the models are difficult to use I find.  The build quality is pretty good but the board mounted socket for the PSU is a weak point and mine broke after a child related incident.  Luckily I managed to MacGyver a repair as I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron, but I still treat it with kid gloves.

    The editor is very good and makes the amp much more versatile (if you need it) than it is just by tweaking the knobs.  There are also several websites on which other THR users have uploaded their sound files for you to download, which is very quick and very easy to do.

    The THR app is also worth a mention.  Download it on your smartphone and you can use it to play a song in your library, loop a particular section and even slow down the recording at original pitch so you can figure out those tricky guitar parts.

    Personally I find the sound a bit tinny.  Don't get me wrong, for a practice amp it sounds very good but the sound is a bit 'over there' and not very well defined if that makes any sense.  It's also quite loud for something that looks like, and is smaller than, a toaster.  However, I find the louder it gets the more susceptible it is to acoustic vibration and the worse it actually sounds - I find my ears get fatigued very quickly, especially on the higher gain models, the louder the amp is turned up.

    Speaking of, I don't know what the BRIT HI model is meant to emulate but it's shite, I can't get a good tone out of it.  Also, the higher gain models including both the modern and BRIT HI models are difficult to EQ through the built in speakers.

    The effects I find quite poor.  The timed effects I don't get on well with unless I'm also using the THR editor which give much more control over the delays etc.  The chorus is just awful, acceptable if you need it but overwhelming and clinical unless you play in a living-room Marillion tribute act, and I feel similar about the other effects too.  I find them pretty binary to be honest but like I say the THR editor gives much better control if you happen to have it handy, but then to me that just defeats its purpose of being immediate and practical - I don't want to be playing with parameters on a computer, I want to be playing my guitar!

    Where it comes into it's own, however, is as a guitar recording interface.  If you want a way to get good guitar sounds onto hard disk in your DAW then the THR is stellar.  OK, it won't allow you to muck about with the guitar sounds post recording as with a software plugin but it's a very immediate way to get a good tone down quickly.

    But for something to use in your home, is very portable and battery powered if you need it to be (songwriting session at the singers house - grab guitar and THR and you're done!), sounds reasonable and doubles as a DAW interface then the THR can't really be beat.
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