Yamaha Pacifica 510v

I first played a 510 as the "house guitar" at an informal jam thing I used to do so (that's where I decided I'd like one) I saw it used for everything from HiGain metal to cool blues. It was utterly reliable & no fuss.
I got this one from a friend and it's equally good. (Nothing wrong with Yamahas QC consistency then!)

The good:
The hardware is superb: locking Grovers, Tusq nut, wilkinson trem combine to give impeccable tuning stability. It never seems to slip out of tune.
The Seymour Duncan p-rails pickup is VERY good. Hotter than "vintage" but with the volume rolled off a bit it cleans up fine. You go from single->p90->HB with little discernible volume jump, the tone just gets thicker.

The finish is excellent: no blemishes anywhere & the gloss finish on the neck is an unexpected joy, not sticky at all, just gloriously slippery & smooth.

The bad: genuinely the only thing I'm not totally sold on is the neck- it's fairly narrow. Nothing like as narrow as other Pacifica models I've played though.
My other guitars all have quite thick necks & I occasionally push the low E off the frets.

Obviously there's only one pickup, but with judicious use of the pots I've never struggled to get the sound I'm after.
I tend to live in P90 mode & switch to single coil for stratty stuff or HB for heavier things.

It's the ultimate backup or studio guitar. It'll "do" anything you throw at it with ease.

Despite being an excellent guitar, strangely it's never been my #1 guitar, probably due to a lack of what I can only describe as "personality" or "soul"- but it sounds great, is effortless to play, utterly reliable & oh so versatile.
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