Fender Standard Stratocaster 2001

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I think most guitarists will own a Mexican strat at some stage. I was told to get one of these when I was starting out, and bought this guitar with the proceeds of my first summer job.
I think I paid £280 or £300 for it.

It's blue agave, which is a slightly greenish metallic light blue.

Usual MIM standard strat specs:
21 frets (mine has the maple fretboard)
3 single coil pickups
5 way switch 
25.5" scale length

Mine has had the following modifications: stock pickups replaced with Bareknuckle Irish Tours
Stock wiring changed to have the second tone control acting solely on the bridge pickup (I think stock the bridge pickup didn't have a tone control)
Tuners replaced with Kluson style ones (nothing wrong with the originals but I fancied a more vintage look)

It's fair to say this has had a lot of playtime in the last 15 years (it really needs a refret).

The Good:

-Incredibly comfortable neck, much nicer than the neck my 2007 American Standard Tele had. It's a little chunkier than the American Fenders and works very well
-Solid workhorse guitar, the fundamental construction is great
-Mine has a lovely flamed maple neck, I'm not sure how such a nice neck ended up on such a cheap guitar
-Sounds and plays like a strat
-With upgraded pickups is a great gigging guitar, could well be the only guitar you ever need
-All the hardware is fairly decent and functions well
-Paint finish is pretty good

The Bad:

-Very thick poly finish
-Poplar rather than Ash or Alder body, so the tone is a little snappier than other strats
-Stock pickups were terrible (ceramic bar magnets glued to the polepieces rather than polepiece magnets)

This guitar is a keeper, partly for sentimental reasons, but partly because it's all the strat I'll ever need, and I can't justify buying a more expensive one when this one is so good.
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