Sire V7 Marcus Miller 5 String bass

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Firstly, I'm not really a bass player, I can just about play a little bit of slap, but really I'm a root notes with a little bit of fill for messing around, just to help with song writing or whatever.

I fancied getting a 5 string bass just for noodling on at home and some recording maybe, I didn't want to spend a huge amount so started looking for a secondhand 5 string Jazz on eBay. Turns out they are quite rare!

I asked a bass playing friend of mine, who suggested the Sire v7, based on all the good reviews it had. A quick Google confirmed how well liked these are, to cut the story short, I ended up on Thomann and bought one :) - Alder body in vintage white. A total of £370!

It arrived around 4 days later, the first thing that struck me is just how good quality this is for the money, this is easily on par with my Mex 4 string Jazz, maybe better! - It plays great straight out of the box, arrived in tune (well, with it's self) and is fitted with D'Addario strings from new.

I'll get round to some proper pictures at some point, but this is it:

Here it is next to my Mex Jazz

It comes with a 3 band eq which I haven't messed around with much, but this will let you dial in some great tones.

Amazing value for money, the fretwork seems great, the finish is flawless, decent strings, great sounds etc... This is punching way above it's price tag.

No manual supplied (just would have been handy for the eq)

At this price point the hardware isn't premium, but it's certainly up to the task. The tuners all work smoothly, the bridge seems to be a take on a 'badass', so maybe a cheapass? :D - Either way, it works :)

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending one of these, this would be my first call if I was considering a J style bass 4 or 5 string in the up to £600 range (basically, this over a Mex).

Here's a very quick clip of me messing around, the controls are all set to neutral, so no eq dialled in, using an Ampeg Kemper profile:

Excuse the ropey playing, bit of slap, riff with the B and a run to show all strings.

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