The 2016 East Anglia Gassing Festy >> Aug 6th

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Who fancies this?

It'd be a Saturday.  Say 3pm-ish through to 10pm-ish.

Options are 23rd / 30th July or 6th / 13th August.

Location is a village hall well off the beaten track in the middle of the beautiful Suffolk countryside.  About 10mins North from the A14 at Stowmarket.  Decent sized place, so there'd be plenty of room to set up kit.  Plenty of parking right outside too.

Any of those dates work particularly well, or particularly badly?

Format will depend on whether we get lucky enough to find a durmmist and a basser, but at a minimum we can do amps & guitars & fxs & chats & stuffs.  Beers can be brought.  We can find or fetch food too.

Who fancies it?

The "I'm in" list ..
@octatonic - a drummist
@bob21 - bob the bassist

@strumjoughlamps - also a drummist

@photek, @desvegas @mike_l @simonbeckwith, all in the estate (with pedals in the roofbox)
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