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I was lucky enough to have a Sonic Tailor loaned to me by Christian at @Magnetic_Effects.

Its really quite something.

Probably the most tonally versatile overdrive pedal I've tried; you can achieve tight, amp like riffage with this thing and make a Deluxe Reverb sound like a JTM45.

The added benefit is the mid range boost. Using the mix and frequency knobs together you can easily achieve QOTSA, Mark Knopfler and Deep Purple parked-wah style tones either subtly or in the extremes.

In the end I sent Christian the money instead of returning it to him - this is now my main high gainer and has kicked the Gunshot off my board (Sorry Thorpy!)

I urge you all to picked one up as they're limited edition. Use it as your main overdrive or as a dedicated Parked Wah effect. It's awesome!

Here's some demos I recorded with my Tele on the neck pickup through my Hot Rod Deluxe: 
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