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Swart Night Light - £150 
Great attenuator for up to 20w

Strymon Flint - £205
Trem and reverb that cover all types and sounds great

Paul Trombetta 4Plex - £350
Amazing Plexi to JCM800  with 3 channels to stack. hand carved which he doesn't do now

Pedal Monster Whale Boost - Mosfet boost - £60
Really nice little boost - drives an amp harder

ThorpyFX Veteran Germanium - £400
Great pedal in top condition with box

Castledine V2 - £140
Perfect Siamese Dream sound - great muff

BJFE Bone Bender 1 - £250
Wonky lettering like most of them but it sounds great. Tonebender MK I.

Push+Pull Triton Fuzz and Sans B Overdrive. 
- £300
Custom made for @nickb_boy on this lovely forum. Switchable order and a really big sound.

Mesa Flux Five Drive - £165
2 channel low gain / high gain overdrive with EQ

Vemuram Shanks II - £340
Smooth fuzz designed by John Shanks - if you don't normally like fuzz this is the ticket...

Monsterpiece Fuzz
 - £100
Velcro to smooth - loads of options around bias

Echopark Echodriver - £240
Super versatile - can be balls to wall QOTSA or much lower gain

Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe - £225
Trem, chorus and vibe. Big box big sound

Red Panda Raster
 - £180
Crazy pitch shifting delay - CT5 territory

Jext Telez Dizzy Tone v6
 - £160 
Green NKT fuzz - proper lairy

Spaceman Secret Mission Atlas III - £180
Worked a treat with my SWART - nicely pushes a good amp

Spaceman Secret Mission Titan II - £250
Aggro fuzz but can be smoothed out

Sola Sound Bumfuzz - £275
Replica of Edwyn Collins fuzz - made by David Main of D*A*M

Caroline Guitar Company Shigeharu £150
First batch before Christmas - fairly limited run.

These are all sold

Pictures - if it looks like a crack or scrape it isn't it is a cat hair! PPG for payment and Special Delivery
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