Roland Blues Cube

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Has anyone got any experience of these?

I picked one up at the weekend for a couple of reasons:

1) I'm sick of lugging a heavy head and 4x12 cab to gigs

2) I can tell the difference between a valve and solid state amp really easily, but from the videos I've seen this amp sounded pretty nice to me. 
I decided to go for the Blues Cube artist, mainly because I want to gig the amp and have it for home use as well. 

First impressions 

Really easy to pick up. Having thrown my back out a couple of years ago trying to carry a Mesa Lodestar classic 2x12 up a flight of stairs I've always had an aversion to heavy amps. This one however weighs absolutely nothing and should be really easy to carry around for gigs. 

tone wise, it's really easy to get a nice sound pretty quickly. I record this video to demonstrate a lead tone I was playing around with. No tweaking was necessary really, this was recorded pretty much straight out of the box.

Roland are really pushing this amp at the moment, by saying it's pretty much the closest you can get to a tube amp sound from a solid state amplifier. I'm not sure that it sounds exactly like a tube amp, but it's certainly not far off, and at gig volumes the audience probably wouldn't be able to tell. 
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