Tutorial for AC/DC Gone Shootin?

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Hi folks.

Has anyone found a good online tutorial for Gone Shootin by AC/DC? I've looked for this a few times and I can't find much, and what I have found seems to vary or is more like a cover / demo than a tutorial on how to play it.

It's one of those songs that looks relatively simple (but I bet the devil is in the details) and I'd really like to be able to nail this one. The guy SoloDallas seems to have it completely spot on but I can't quite tell what he's doing. Maybe it's just a case of sitting with the guitar and trying to copy what he's doing...?

Sorry if this is a basic one, just thought I would float the query on here and see what happens.


Here's the SoloDallas video...

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  • Moe_ZambeekMoe_Zambeek Frets: 1480
    I have the tab for it somewhere, and used to cover it many years ago. The secret as ever is in the division of labour between Angus and Malcolm. The parts are quite simple but what sounds almost like one guitar is two, cleverly divided.

    You can't really tell what Solodallas is doing because IMO he's mostly miming :) check him out on trade show videos and he can barely play. I can't reconcile the two sides of his playing other than to think that he's a chancer. The price he charges for his pedals only reinforces my belief.
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  • andypandyp Frets: 86
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    Interesting! I'm still a Newbie so hadn't heard of him before a few days ago and when I saw that video I decided I had to try and suss this track out.

    I think you've captured what was confusing me - the two parts being similar but different. I did have an Ultimate Guitar Tab version, but something didn't seem quite right with it. I'll re-visit it.

    Also, this is the kind of track that really shows how great the Young brothers are. People dismiss it as simple cheesy rock, which really just isn't the case at all.

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