ENGL cab for sale (head SOLD)

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*Now sold* As per the title, I'm selling this head plus cab - not looking for any trades. The head is the 6L6 version, purchased from new in 2011 from GAK, as was the 4x12 slanted cab. This is a great amp - 4 channels - clean, crunch and two lead channels, and loads and loads of other options (the full details are better described on the ENGL website here: http://m.englamps.de/portfolio/special-edition-e670 . I'm also including the Z9 footswitch with this, which you can program to change loads of stuff on the go. 

The head is about 6 years old now; I've gigged it a few times, and it has a few scuffs, but otherwise it's fine, although it may be new valve time before too long (they sound fine to me - it can be a bit noisy, but has a very good noise reduction feature, but the noise could just be the nature of big amps). Ditto for the cab - few scuffs, otherwise all good. The Z9 footswitch is missing a rubber pad off the bottom. I'm selling this as although I love the sound the thing makes, it is not getting much use and is currently in storage at our practice room (it's basically way too heavy for me and I've put my back out moving it every single time - an Axe-FX is now doing the same job and is a lot more portable !). 

Looking for £1500 for the head plus footswitch, £300 for the cab, £1700 together. I think those prices seem fair enough - there's a new one on eBay for about £2500, and price new in GAK is £2199 (head only). Any potential buyer is welcome to try it out - it's near J9 off the M5 in Gloucestershire - and you would obviously have to collect it too. Drop me a line if interested Pics below.

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