Item that got my attention at guitar show Gryphin Talon amp

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I did write this as a review, but sorry did not read review guidelines properly. So posted as a show item that impressed me most.
Sorry for any offence.
Well not the best way to demo or review an amp at a guitar show, but I must admit I was quite taken by this amp. 
To me there are reasons to buy amp simulators, reasons to buy SS or digital or valve, all in good hands will do a good job, certainly good enough to please the listener. 
But to me the whole reason to buy a valve amp is to get that response back that you put in by playing touch. 
Now some amps have this touch sensitive feel, and some don't, the Gryphin does, in spades. 
Just plug in and it seemed no matter what tone I wanted it was there. Not huge amounts of gain for the HM brigade though there is plenty for most classic rock tones, but what kept springing up was the sheer touch sensitivity of the amp, put a load of dirt on and play softly, it's clean, hit guitar a little harder and and it starts to come alive. I don't think I have ever played such a responsive amp in my life, it was quite refreshing and I felt like I truly had two instruments, guitar and amp as you really could play this amp. 
Another thing was the sheer amount of bottom end thump, it was going through a 2x12 cab, but it sounded more like a bottom 4x12 cab, just huge. Tight enough to control it, yet big enough to dispense some serious low end thump for the detuned heavy guys. Would love to hear some slide through it!

It was too loud to have a proper conversation with (sorry forgot his real name) Modulus but he was very patient, needed to be next to that noise beside him, and tried to point out what all the switches and knobs did. I am not a huge fan of micro switches and too many controls, but it seemed like amp was quite simple to set up and get your tone very quickly. But also I got the impression that if you wanted to tweak something, he would certainly listen. 
Now I have been lucky enough to have owned vintage classic amps like old Marshall, Fender and Vox, and I love them all for various tones, but so many amps are based on those that it's nice to hear something that has a tone that stands on its own, as good as anything I have heard and its British
(well Scottish). 
Now I must admit that retiring soon means I am not a buyer, but I hope someone else after reading this, gets a chance to try one and I am sure like me will want one! 
My pick of the show for me. 
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