Withdrawn: 2013 Fender American Vintage Series '65 Stratocaster in Shoreline Gold

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Fender American Vintage Series (AVRI) '65 Stratocaster in Shoreline Gold

This guitar is in brand-new condition and features the rare, matching headstock in Shoreline Gold.
Absolutely superb playing and sounding guitar and considerably better than some Custom Shop models i've played.

The guitar is stock with the exception of having a cold-rolled steel tremolo block installed - this uprgaded block improves tone and has a precision fit derlin bush insert which gives the arm a perfect fit and smooth movement with no looseness or play. The original block and arm are included.

Fender description:
"The 1965 Stratocaster saw the return to a thick C-shaped maple neck, this time with a round-laminated dark rosewood fingerboard and larger pearl dot inlays. It was also the first year for enamel-covered pickup wire. That's what players will find on the American Vintage '65 Stratocaster, along with other authentic features including a three-ply white pickguard with 11 holes, lightweight alder body, aged plastic knobs and vintage-accurate pickups, bridge saddles, tuner spacing and more."

£1000 (inc. UK Shipping)

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