Good small keyboards or modules for Rhodes/Wurlitzer and organ sounds

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As per the title really, I'd love to find a small form but good sounding keyboard (or sound module for midi) that covers the very few sounds I'd want. At present I have a Microkorg which for various reasons does not do what I'd want, horrible small keys, no real organ or piano sounds, no sustain pedal etc.

So my spec would be the following, though having looked through quite a lot of googling I'm not sure this exists as such so would appreciate any other ideas:

Small, three or four octaves would be fine. I don't have the space for anything bigger.

Good Rhodes/Wurlitzer epiano sounds (Riders on the Storm) and organ sounds (any doors!)

Sustain pedal possibility for the epiano. 

Proper sized keys. Those crap small ones like on the Microkorg and Reface ones are unplayable.

Not software plug in based. Too many wires

In terms of quality, the keys on the old Yamaha keyboard I have in the loft are sufficient, i don't need anything magic, the sound is more important.

I don't have a midi keyboard but obviously would get one if I go for a module.

Annnnd go :) 

Thanks all

I want to believe

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