SOLD: EBMM Stingray 4-string 2EQ - £919

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Time to make space and funds. Serial number suggests it was made in 2000, weight dead on 9lb (just a hair over 4kg for the metrics) making it one of the lighter Stingrays. Two light scratches on the back, a few small dings in the headstock as you might expect of a 17-year-old instrument, otherwise excellent condition. Beautifully set up some years ago by @Paul_C and mostly used for Rocksmith since.

£919 collected, around £20-25 to ship it, inspection welcome in Guildford. I believe I have a cheapo gigbag for it. No trades unless you have a 230v Bosch GMF 1400CE or similar quality 1/2" router. front whole.jpg front body.jpg rear body.jpg front hstock.jpg rear headstock.jpg scratches.jpg
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