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After much thought I've decided to sell my Eric Johnson Stratocaster. It's a brilliant guitar and I'm only selling because I don't play Strats often enough and it's too much money to have wrapped up in a guitar I don't play much (and I've just bought an expensive pedal steel.... whoops). Price is dropped to a firm £1100 if I have to do anything or £1075 for cash and collected from me.

I have found the original case candy it came with! Even has original shop tags in there.

Condition wise I would describe it as very good. There are some marks in the lacquer from use but none go through to the paint.

At the tip of the headstock there is some red paint that has been transferred on which is actually from the ceiling of the upstairs bar at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club in London. I was doing a gig there and managed to do the classic ‘take the guitar off and bash the headstock on the ceiling trick’. To be honest it’ll probably come off with some expert finish cleaning but it’s never bothered me and I like the story.

The case has never been toured or gigged but it does have some cosmetic scuffs from several house moves. 

You’re more than welcome to come and try it out at my place.

Pictures can be found here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dxjk5ib14qr80l5/AABib76tyZFbk7GQITB5d3Q1a?dl=0

Any questions then give me a shout!

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