SOLD pending payment - Guild Starfire 2 - £650 ono (2017 as far as I'm aware)

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My semi-hollow journey comes to an end with this guy. I've had a Rivoli which had no range or clarity, a Jack Cassady which I could never find a sound that fit what I was playing, a Warwick Rockbass that had little depth and an Eastwood classic (which as far as I remember was actually pretty great but it was almost a decade ago) and this guy; the best of the bunch by miles. I just don't get on with short scales and I need to make peace with that.

Very versatile, sounds great, huge even. Growl and depth aplenty!
Comes strung with TI flats, also have the original rounds that came with (which are basically new).

Only ever used at home and rehearsal.

Purchased as refurbished from the states. You'll see on the back of the headstock that one of the pegs is ever so slightly wonky, doesn't affect playability but I'm guessing that's why it was sold as refurbished and stamped as 'used' on the back of the headstock. It's barely visible though.

Hard case included, still has the tag on it. Keys too. No trades as the replacement is in waiting.

Any questions, hit me up.
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