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I've never been an acoustic amp guy....primarily because I've never been much of a plugging in guy....but recently it dawned on me that the only gigs I do these days are either small venues like restaurants or the occasional festival appearance or support slot where there's already a PA. In the case of the former type of gig even my little PA seems to be a right faff and means I always have to drive to the gig, and in the case of the latter I'm usually less than happy with the monitor sound onstage.

So I just got myself an AER Compact 60/3. It was a bit of a leap of faith because there are no demos out there of people using them with K&Ks (only kind of pickup I use) but happily it sounds great even without plugging into my K&K preamp first - another simplification bonus. Haven't done extensive testing with vocals through it yet, but based on the fact that it was seriously loud on 2 when I played my guitar through it I'm not seeing headroom as being a challenge. And home testing reveals that the sound is strangely non-directional, which is surprising given how small it is.

A bit of googling has found an adapter to be able to mount it on a speaker stand (it comes with a threaded bracket to mount on a mic stand but that seems like a bad idea......).

Testing yet to do....guitar and vocals at the same time (guitar plugged in, vocals through Beta 58), and single mic for Guitar and vox using Ear Trumpet Myrtle. Fun to come.

Bt so far in theory, a PA in a box I which lets me get public transport to gigs which are a pain to drive to, and a better stage sound solution for bigger gigs. Happy days!
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