NMCTD: Korg Taktile midi controller

 New Midi Control Thingy Day!

I used to dabble (mess around) with electronic music years ago, mainly noise made with Reason and an M Audio Oxygen 8 midi keyboard. Generally it lead to nothing more than me hitting keys and pretending I was making music. Since I started playing guitar Ive picked up some theory along the way and decided to apply that to the keyboard, so I picked this up off eBay.

A Korg Taktile midi controller, unfortunately not the Triton :(
I'm quite chuffed with it as it should give me another outlet for when I get bored/in a rut with guitar and its surprisingly easy to transfer theory knowledge from guitar to keys and make you sound like you know what youre doing pretty fast.

Ive got a few free VST synths like the Tyrell N6 and Blamsoft VK1 Viking but was wondering if any others are worth going for?

While were at it any useful keyboard resources for a beginner would be useful as well. 
Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.....

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