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I need a new computer. Mine is dying a slow and painful death and I'm trying to run my business on it. 

Only issue is I need it for general business, video and music editing (currently using Reaper, with a Scarlet 8i6 interface) and for graphic design elements. 

Everything above points to a Macbook, but I definitely can't afford a new one. 

I need at least 500gb of storage and 8gb of ram and I hate the way windows machines just degrade because of all the crappy update guff. Budget of up to about £300 which puts me in the second hand market. There appear to be quite a few refurbished macbook machines about in that price range, and some fairly decent spec windows machines. 

My desktop runs Linux, but that presents problems with audio software as there isn't a lot about and ideally I'd port my Reaper licence over. 

I'm very out of tough with processors and graphics cards. 

Someone who knows their onions (or apples!) kindly point me in the right direction. 

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