RMC3 wah and Megaladon Boost

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Lovely pedals for sale! I’ve really stripped down my pedal board to what I actually need for the gigs I’m actually doing (not the imaginary bands in my head) so these are up for sale (also I’ve seen a guitar which I don’t need either but you know how it is!). All prices include shipping

fulltone mini deja vibe - bought brand new less than 6 months ago and I’ve used it twice. Comes with box and free Velcro £160.00 SOLD

Peterson Strobostomp Tuner - complete with slightly tatty box and Velcro £70.00 WITHDRAWN

Moog Delay - lovely delay pedal, just surplus to requirements. Comes with box and Velcro £120.00 SOLD

ulbrick megalodon - clean boost. No box but it does have Velcro WITHDRAWN

Genivieve Power Boost - clone of the coloursound powerboost. Again no box but again there’s Velcro. £40.00 SOLD

RMC 3 Wah - loads of wah sounds in one box...it’s just that I don’t use wah at all! Box and, you guessed it, Velcro!! WITHDRAWN


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