Laney IRT-X FRFR - boxed like new - 2 available

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£275 £250 each or £490 £440* the pair - free UK shipping

I've two Laney IRT-X for sale. These are boxed like new and have only seen light use at home while I still had a Kemper. Now I'm back to just using a valve combo at home I've no need for these (although they do work wonderfully as 'expansion' cabs for a combo and make for a very cool wet-dry-wet setup when hooked up to a real amp - in addition to providing an excellent stereo platform for for any modeller).

*One of the units comes with an EU rather than a UK cable so the pair price of £440 reflects a tenner discount towards a new UK power lead. Likewise, if these sell separately and you end up with the EU cable I'll knock a tenner off towards a new cable.

A pair of these from Andertons will set you back £730 right now so if you're a Kemper / Helix / modeller user, or just looking for a wet/dry/wet solution for your regular amp, then grab thee a bargain.

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