Sharing Facebook likes for our band pages!

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I play bass just as much as guitar so use the basschat forum. The other day someone posted this thread: basically, you post a link to your band, others do the same then you like each others band pages......lets face it, we all love getting a few more likes!!! That thread has been great for getting some newer bands a few likes and it's also great to see the bands that posters are in.

If people are up for it, then I'll keep the list of bands updated. Make sure that you 'like' the page from your personal profile so that it counts towards the total likes....liking from your own bands pages wont count towards a pages total likes! If you don't want your news feed full of notifications then you can opt out when you've liked a pages.

Here's my two bands:

My original Funk Rock band The Rebellion:

My Blues/Funk covers band Blue Cartel:
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