Shredneck - is it worth it?

I have been learning on a strat for the past year, and need better reach with my 60 year old's hands. My fingers are long enough but they need exercising for spread and autonomy.

My idea was to do some work on spread during the day, at odd moments at work, rather than packing everything into the evening. I had tried, and gave up with a travel size electro-acoustic, just too cramped for my hands and interfered with full-size fingering.  

There are a few  practice necks available in the uk, but they look a bit lame, so having found the shredneck, I thought that I would give it a go, as I am keen to improve, and I know it will come with practice.

Trouble is it's pricey, at US$90+55 shipping and another £20.70 for uk duty, altogether £137.48 at the current exchange rate.

This is the model I just received by post.

So is it worth it? I think yes if you are in my situation for example, starting late, but determined to improve. And, once done, it can be recycled here.

I would say it's unsuited to use for practice even though it has tuners, and of course the number of frets are limited - but there are other versions at the other end of the fretboard. And as for maintaining calluses - don't know, maybe, after trying the travel electro-acoustic for that, I decided to take my full-size when going away - we always go abroad by car, so the difficulties of air travel don't arise, just a bit of whingeing along the lines of  ..."you're not taking that thing are you"?
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  • axisusaxisus Frets: 20538
    I haven't seen one of those since the 90s! I didn't realise they were still going. I'd quite like one to see what I thought of it. Maybe I will make one.
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  • I see these as mostly a gimmick. It might be better to get a 3/4 sized electric or traveller guitar... or even an inexpensive full size guitar to keep at work to do a few exercises during breaks.

    If smokers can take smoking breaks, then you can take a guitar break (and if it's an unplugged electric, nobody should be bothered by it)
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