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Hello everyone. The powers that be on the Fretboard have graciously allowed me to start new detailed thread which coincides with the business becoming a full time job for me. I will update this thread from now on. The other thread pretty much details the first 12 months of the business as a "part time" company however as I have mentioned elsewhere I have been working on it about 30 hours a week since the start of 2017.

If you're new to what I do, who I am and where im based ill happily tell you now. My name is Scott and I have been living in Northern Ireland for 17 years. At 34 years old its maybe a bit late to "go it alone" but ive certainly worked hard to get here so a lot more hard work wont hurt me I am into the 2 week lead in time now for going full time so id like to start the next chapter with a clean and concise thread. So, everything is about to get very different in my life. My working day will change dramatically and being my own boss will certainly take a level of discipline I know I possess. Implementing it, however, will take a lot of balance. Im sure im about to have a very stressful and changeable year ahead but hopefully I am on the right path.

Now, details about the business. Why "SC Relics"? Well, this is simply my initials and Relics married together. Id like to stress that "relics" does not mean every body is aged. It quite simply denotes that we work with nitro cellulose and the finish type is one that will naturally aged, wear and tear. We will probably create an alternative to "SC Relics" which will be "SCR Guitars". Hopefully this will cover a few more bases and no one will be put off by the word "relics". 

Whats our online presence like? The website is a work in progress. Once the new camera arrives next week we will be photographing everything properly and detailing it online. Prices for services including refinishing will also be detailed as well as the various finishes, colours and styles available. 

You can find the website at . We are also daily posters on Instagram which is tied to the Facebook page. Again, once the new camera arrives you will notice a massive leap in how I present the work I do. You can find the Facebook page at and for Instagram its .

I can be contacted on here, the website, Facebook and Instagram. Once I have a phone sorted you'll also be able to call me for a chat if needs be. It cant be bad to have a chinwag about guitars

Whats happening going forward? This is where it gets exciting.... a lot of investment has been made. I am currently finishing up with a batch of commissions due for pre Christmas delivery with more coming in for January. The largest stock order I have ever done is already being sprayed. A list of bodies that will be available are listed below. You'll the pickup configuration, wood type, body type and weight. I have also marked each body for the colour coat option I have chosen. This will go ahead unless someone request the body for a commission. I aim to have these bodies live and finished for sale at the start of January. They are priced at £225 plus shipping. I am also stocking a mixture of necks which will range from AllParts to custom made necks. I will be able to cater for anyone who wants to spend £225-375. With the custom necks I will be cutting my own headstock shapes for my own range of guitars I plan to release next year. Refinishes will also be accommodated from £150 which includes the stripping. 

To help with the running of the business I have invested in a workshop which will facilitate all prepping and finishing as well as a display area/showroom for the finished pieces. This will be my new home away from home (well, about 30' from the back of my home ) so it'll be a very different working experience instead of working a typical 9-5 with a car commute. Id imagine a 5am start will give me a good chance of balancing the workload with spending more time with my children which is a massive part of this move. 

I hope that gives you some insight into what im doing for any of you who havent seen the evolution of the business and if it was a boring read I can only apologise.... at least you made it to the end

1. Ash tele SS 4lb (blonde)
2. Ash tele SS 4lb 7oz (butterscotch)
3. Ash tele SS 4lb 1oz (3 tone sunburst)
4. Ash tele SS 4lb 2oz (butterscotch)
5. Ash tele SS 4LB 13OZ (blonde)
6. Ash strat SSS 4lb 7oz (3 tone sunburst)
7. Ash strat SSS 3lb 13oz (3 tone sunburst)
8. Alder tele SH 4lb 4oz (shell pink)
9. Alder strat SSS 3lb 10oz (CAR)
10. Alder strat HSS 3lb 5oz (charcoal frost)
11. Alder tele SS 4lb 13oz (daphne blue)
12. Alder strat SSS 3lb 10oz (sonic blue)
13. Alder strat SSS 3lb 10oz (LPB)
14. Alder strat HSS 3lb 12oz (surf green)
15. Alder strat SSS 3lb 12oz (sea foam green)
16. Alder strat SSS 4lb 2oz (burgundy mist)
17. Alder tele SS 4lb 5oz (olympic white)
18. Alder hardtail strat 3lb 10oz (shell pink)
19. Alder strat HSS 3lb 12oz (3 tone sunburst)
20. Alder tele SS 4lb 2oz (fiesta red)

As mentioned above, the colours have been chosen by me until a customer over rides it. If you want to talk more about anything on the list please let me know.

Thanks for you time, support, custom and friendship so far. I hope to add more to this thread shortly.
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