Ibanez sr1200 bass

i bought the Ibanez sr1200 bass secondhand from rich tone music in Sheffield. The bass arrived in very good condition, it hadn't been used a great deal, just a few light marks on the back of the bass from the previous owners belt, but the finish had not been worn away at all, they were more like small dents.

The set up was ok, just a little too much neck relief, which was easily corrected with an adjustment to the truss rod.

The bass itself is great to play, the neck is very slim, and comfortable, the machine heads work smoothly, truss rod works well, fret ends are smooth and don't catch your fingers, and the bridge adjustments are really smooth and easy to use.

The bass is set up with 2.5mm action at the e string, and 1.8mm action at the g string, there is no fret buzz anywhere, except as detailed below at the 23rd fret.

There are  only two small issues, The 24th fret is too high, and causes buzzing at the 23rd fret, and the neck is not a perfect fit in the neck pocket, there is a tiny gap to the right  side, and underneath on the right hand side, where you can fit a piece of paper, and i will have to shim these gaps with a wooden shim.The neck itself is solid and doesn't move.

ibanez should have done a better job in this important area.

The pick ups sound amazing, using the right plectrum (a thin one), and the active eq switch setting, the sound is literally hifi sound, I was blown away with the tone.

The eq has a good range, but in passive mode, the tone controls do not work.The passive tone is also not as good as the active tone.

The woods used to construct this bass are very high quality indeed, you typically don't get wood this solid, and decorative with other manufacturers at this price point, it's very impressive.The body is a 3 piece mahogany construct, with various diffferent layers of veneer on top of it, the final one being a one piece ovagnkol veneer.My ovangkol veneer was not as contrasting as the one featured in the photo's, but i actually preferred it like that.

All in all, this is a very nice  bass, aside from a few small issues,  and I would recommend it.
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