Brunetti Pleximan v others

I am extremely impressed with this Amp so when I had the opportunity to play it alongside some venerated contenders of similar ilk I was able to give it a few hours comparable.
Don't have time to go into the details or in-depth comparison but ;
v . Dirty Shirley 40w
v. Carr the Bloke 48 w
v .ToneKing Royalist 40w
 Tried all through same cab -Zilla 2x12 oversize with V30 and Creamback 
  The Pleximan has a number of variable switches to add or subtract some seasoning ,thickening, hot rodding and dense switch on the clean channel which works perfectly for tele and strats.
 Overall Pleximan was more articulate ,sweeter and more flexible in tone shaping
 The Clean was thinner than the Royalist which was very round and deep on the clean
 The crunch was sweeter than the others on the Brunetti and Lead style gain really sings.
To cut a long story short ,to my ears, the Brunetti was the more useful and the better overall sounding in nearly all regards.
Conclusion ; At about half the price of the others the Pleximan stood out as the "better" amp for me ........if you take price into account it absolutely trounces the others that I was able to play alongside it.
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