Guitarist looking for Bassist & Drummer in Crawley/Sussex for Math/Prog Rock.

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Hi I'm Sam,

I'm big into math rock/progressive music or turbo prog if you will. I am currently part of a band that has more of a punk vibe but I'm looking to create another band but instrumental and a heavier tone than what I have been playing.

I've been playing guitar for nearly 13 years with a solid few gigs under my belt and a year in BIMM in 2009 but in the last year or so haven't gigged only rehearsed with my current band but we are aiming to be gig ready and out there soon!

I'm really into to live looping and I'm looking for a bassist and drummer who are into huge sounds as well as some tricky time signatures as well as not taking ourselves too seriously musically. I like some rather daft sounds and I'm quite an effects junky.

Really looking to get together with people like minded who have a mindset for getting a setlist together and writing original instrumental music and eventually touring.

I work in shift patterns of four on two off but can be pretty flexible when it comes to rehearsals and gigs. 
I don't drive at the moment but it is something I'm looking into.

I have some limited experience with Logic Pro and can slap together a rough track though I don't currently have access to mics or an interface.

My soundcloud is mainly littered with drafts of songs that I wrote but never took anywhere and demos of equipment, this is starting to sound like a dating ad, I like long walks on the beach, face melting riffs and a heavy dose of gin.

Soundcloud here if you fancy a listen:

Also for more recently I've been using instagram to capture ideas and riffs.  I've got quite a few songs I'm working on at the moment.

The equipment I currently have

Hayden MOFO 30
One sentient and self aware pedalboard.
One devil infused Cort TC Classic
One thrift store Strat

A heap of enthusiasm and dedication for the right project.

If anyone is keen on getting together or discussing please let me know! 

Have a good day  

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