Luxor HG-950 acoustic guitar Made in Japan late 1970's

Totally blown away by this stunning acoustic  guitar! The guitar in question is a Luxor HG-950 all solid rosewood back and sides acoustic dreadnought. Made in Japan circa 1977-79.

All maple bound body and neck, maple triangle fret markers, incredible soft 'V' neck. I own many higher end Japanese guitars, this one is up there with some of the best. Scalloped bracing deepens the bass response.

 If you know your guitars, then you may know the Original Hohner Arbor wood series. This luxor is basically the same guitar branded Luxor. Hohner HG-950 would be the equivalent model. I have never seen another here in the UK, made to very high spec and obviously competing with American counterparts of its day, which in my opinion exceeds it's goal!!!

The complexity of sound is really beautiful, with long resonant sustain, but keeping a rich deep tone thanks to the scalloped bracing.

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