Leather Graft Straps

I wasn't too sure where to post this, so if this isn't correct, feel free to move it! 

Basically, I was in the market for a nice wide leather strap. I just missed out on the discounted Heistercamp straps when the thread went up, but realised it was the kind of thing I was after.. I also knew it needed to be long (at least 60" as I'm a big fella) and metal buckle free.

I found Leathergraft straps online and decided that their new 'Roadworn' strap was the one for me.. only it wasn't long enough. 
On the off chance, I dropped them an email via the 'contact us' section of their site and got a reply about an hour later. They said that they could happily make an 'XL' sized one but it'd just cost a couple of quid more for the additional material if I was happy with that.

It arrived after a couple of days and I've got to say I'm really impressed. Nice and thick 'pull up' leather, good quality with a solid build.. it was also less than fifty quid, which I thought was more than reasonable!

I chucked some trust Schaller S-Locks and some Dr Martens' Wonder Balsam on it just to make it a little more supple and add a layer of 'beer/sweat' protection!

Overall, I'm really impressed.. I'd happily recommend them if someone's in the market for a decent UK made strap.

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