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Beautiful 2017 Lowden F23C (LEFT-HANDED) - WITHDRAWN

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My beautiful 2017 Lowden F23C (LEFT-HANDED) acoustic guitar is up on eBay for auction for the start price of £1995. it ends on Friday 14th April (around 8.20 pm). I bought the guitar new in 2018.

Just like the Martin 000-28L I've just sold, it is in excellent, virtually as new condition. See eBay for full selling details. It can be found just by searching eBay on "Lowden Guitar Left"  (it is the only lefty there as I write this). I've included a few pictures and some more detail below to whet your appetite!. 

With solid red cedar top, solid walnut back and sides, ebony fingerboard, top quality components and finishing - and of course, that characteristic Lowden sound, it is a real beauty with an auction starting price around 60% of typical price new. It comes with the original Hiscox flight case, full Lowden provenance and proof of original purchase.

It is strung with the innovative Santa Cruz Parabolic Tension string set (Low Tension) which, in my opinion, brings out the best in the instrument's tonal qualities.

To anyone who wants a straight purchase rather than entering into eBay bidding then a "Make Offer" facility is available on the listing until the first bid is made, when it will automatically disappear under eBay system automatic rules. Any offer above the auction start price will get serious consideration - and with a custom fan fret beckoning, I'm not going to be greedy.

Collection in person from Somerset (just 5 mins from J23 of the M5) is preferred - but fully tracked next-working courier delivery could be arranged in most circumstances.

Thanks for looking 

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  • StrangefanStrangefan Frets: 5362
    Dood lazy lazy, this ain't ebay  so write a proper ad, with proper details and information  D- could do better. 
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  • GTCGTC Frets: 183
    Let me clarify - I'd like to sell this guitar quite quickly to help fund a custom fan fret acoustic so I've listed it on a 10-day eBay auction with what I think is a very attractive starting price. In line with eBay rules, this means I cannot sell it anywhere else whilst the auction is in progress.

    However, this is a highly desirable and hard-to-find guitar - particularly in left-handed form. Therefore, my intention was to alert forum members who may otherwise miss out.

    Although I am a relatively new forum member, this appears to conform with forum rules and aims - and is to the benefit of forum members (in addition to helping give my eBay listing a bit more visibility).

    The eBay listing does contain more information than is up here - but this entry also contains a lot more information than many other classifieds. I've sold quite a few of my guitars on eBay - and have a 100% selling feedback.

    As always, I'm happy to answer any questions or queries any members might have.
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  • GTCGTC Frets: 183
    A bit more information - I bought this guitar new from Peach Guitars in December 2018. If you look on their website, you can see the "available for pre-order" listing (at £3,399) with photos of the actual guitar I'm selling (and bought from them in December). You can tell it is the same instrument because of the identical top wood grain markings. The Peach listing is here:

    As you can see, it hasn't changed in the short time I've had it
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  • GTCGTC Frets: 183
    edited March 2019
    I should have mentioned that PROOF OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE and the normal LOWDEN PROVENANCE be provided - along with, of course, the original Hiscox flight case and even the original Lowden Packing (I've now included this on the main entry - along with some other details).
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  • GTCGTC Frets: 183
    Since putting it up for auction on eBay I've played the guitar more and have come to the conclusion that I couldn't bear to part with it - at least not for now. Despite a reasonable interest, there have been no bids after nearly two weeks so I have therefore closed the item
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