Turbosound Milan M10 - PA /Monitor/ IR or acoustic stage amp

Sort of an amp - for acoustics or maybe your digital amp?

This is about the Turbosound Milan M10 PA cab, it's one in a series of powered boxes of this type but this one is very good and presently excellent value for money.

Turbosound uses Klark Technic power and digital processing to achive a very smooth and even sound in a package that is compact and weighs in at 17Kg.

It's a 600w 'Peak' powered 1x10" + Horn PA type cab that can be laid on it's side as a monitor too.

These are currently being treated as old technology because the Turbosound iQ10 is state of the art and twice the power with more processing etc. But more than twice the money!

So I recently paid just over £210 online delivered. It arrived on the day I was attending a casual band rehearsal in the drummers rather large abode. Straight out of the nicely packaged double box, we laid it beside his drum monitor and plugged it in. Using the first XLR/jack  input and without any tweaking it sounded very good. I perhaps lacked the scooped low thud that the much larger 15" drum monitor had, although that could be matched with a little Eq.
Next a Shure SM57a Beta was plugged direct into the second input XLR socket, gain level set and a lovely balanced vocal sound which was quite loud and punchy as well as detailed and intelligable. We used this single cab for the rest of the evening and everyone was impressed with the sound quality.
When at home the next day I tried it for my intended use, plugged the acoustic guitar into it via the mesa rossetta DI/Preamp. the sound quality was very good and caused me to chase an odd quack from the guitar using the pre amp Eq that I had not heard before, such was the detailed definition of the sound.
Cons - I saw someone suggest that when pushed hard the Klark Technic processor made it compress and start to sound harsh. When we really pushed it with the electronic drum kit I did detect that. But I would happily use a pair of these as a vocal only PA in small venues and perhaps with a Sub or two to cover up to 150-200 heads. If I'm honest I would probably go to the 1x12" cab for that because it's more amp power included (1100w peak). Or the latest 1x10" iQ10 which is 2500w Peak power!! Or if you really must have compact but powerful go for the Nexo PS10, but you'd better have deep pockets because the two tops, processing, amps and subs will set you back a cool £10k and blow your mind with sound!

Back to the subject, so sound quality is very good, portability good, compact, loud, versatile, and Increadible value for money at a little over £200 depending on your source.

I've run Concert sound and built a couple of rigs from scratch in the past, so I like to think I know about sound power and processing as well as Eq. This little box impresses me and for the money it's versatility has me bowled over. I shall be attending local open mic type events, where I can rock up with an acoustic and a mic, plus this single box and be self contained while sounding good (apart from the dodgy singing and duff guitar playing).

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