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Hi all,
As per this thread I'm now solo, so time to do an intro.. Corvus Guitar Works is me. Located close to Cambridge.

      I made my first guitar around 88-89; in a touring band, couldn't afford a superstrat and ended up building one, through-neck and the body from church doors (it weighs a bit). Have made & modded guitars a while, and done paint and service/repair for people just by word of mouth without pushing it on. But I quit my job so this is me from now on in.

I learnt to paint via cars & bikes so 2k/urethane/'poly' is available as well as nitro. I've got a dedicated spraying room with pressure-fed breathing etc.
I've painted cars & motorbikes and sent paintwork to like Cornwall, Scotland, East Anglia (could've thrown it from here probably). A couple of bikes I coloured in have won show prizes for their paint.

The website is quick & basic and needs loads adding but it's up at least,
Instagram @corvusguitarworks

Here's some things, you might've seen already, or not, because threads need pics

Corvus (BillKat)
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