Wanted lead vocals, maybe rhythm guitar for East Sussex pub blues/RnB thing

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Long shot as per usual...but

After a front person- vocals (perhaps with guitar or some other instrument) to help me put together a blues/RnB thing.
Nothing controversial, pub rock, blues and R&B with a late 60s, 70s vibe, bit of jamming, but good energy levels, no posing and
absolutely no Mustang f_cking Sally function band types. I am a reasonable man, God knows I've tried, but I can't seem to find anyone who gets that last part...Anyways....Based East Sussex on the south coast but I'll happily drive a way. 


Edit: Don't need to be a 'Pro' singer, always favour a bit of grit and honesty over polished performance so if this is something you fancy giving a go, drop me a line.  
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