Cigar Box guitars on the TV

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Check out BBC One West Midlands next Monday evening, 16th December at 7.30pm (available on iPlayer some time after 8.00pm). "Cigar Box Blues - The Makers Of A Revolution" is a half hour programme about the UK cigar box guitar scene, by BAFTA nominated director Virginia Heath. I'm really pleased to have been involved in it, and although I've only seen the 20 minute version that has been going round international film festivals, the full 30 minute version will be cracker I'm sure.  It reflects the grass roots nature of this movement, featuring interviews with several guitar makers and players, live performances from "Boxstock" the UK cigar box guitar festival, one of my  guitar making workshops and lots more! What's great is that although the whole cigar box guitar revival  started as an American movement, it shows a truly British take on things. 
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