Another Guitarist or Bass Player Wanted

I'm a guitar vocalist and i'm looking for another person for a duo.

Easiest would be a guitarist or bass player, but i'm open to anything really.

The thing is that you need to have at least some backing vocals to make it work as this "lifts" everything to a different level.

Genre is not that important as i currently play an eclectic mix from Foo Fighters to Ska and Reggae,Blues , Classic rock et.c

I've programmed Bass and drums (from scratch - not purchased) for a couple of sets of songs I know in the last month, if you fancy this as an option but i'm not fixed on this screnario.

Bass can be muted with one button press.

I've been in many different types of band in the past and done solo, duo , trio acts as well as multiple open mic nights.

Just looking to get out there and do something "musical" with a similarly minded person.

Please contact me on here if you are at all interested.

PS I'm in the East Midlands on the border of Notts,Leic,Derbys and slightly the wrong side of 50

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