Alegree Murky Horizon (HB sized) P90s

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Wasn't planning on a review but after re reading my post it kind of looks like one so i've moved it to the "reviews" section!

I bought a set on here from @Alegree to put in an Epiphone LP Studio I had at the time but me being me something else caught my eye and I sold the Epi' before I had the chance to install them. Fast forward 4 months and I find them on a shelf in the shed so decided to put them in my Gibson 'The Paul' and WOW what a difference, through the clean channel of my HT-20 the bridge has a lovely clear and chimey tone thats the right side of bright and the neck has a much thicker sound but not so fat and muddy as I often find with neck pick ups. Add some drive and I get crunch that can go from clean to extra crunchy depending on how hard you attack the strings.

Oh... And it looks the nuts!
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    Pretty guitar!
    Glad you're happy.
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