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I just bought a secondhand guitar through Reverb. I have bought quite a few used instruments over the years, but I think this is the first time I have bought from an individual rather than a shop. I was nervous, only because the guy didn't have much Reverb "history" - not his fault, just a fact of life. 

It turned out to be a great transaction and we are both happy - he has his money and I have a stunning Ernie Ball Cutlass BFR in Malibu Gold. 

The point of this post is - when I contacted him, the first thing he did was to send me a five minute video, showing me the guitar in great detail. He started by opening the case, showing me the paperwork, the certificate of authenticity for the Ball Family Reserve model, and of course the guitar. He commented all the way through the video, and basically "sold" it to me.

He also sent a bunch of photos that weren't on Reverb, but the video is what did it for me - it gave me confidence I was dealing with a genuine guy - not sure if everyone does  this, but I will do this as and when I ever sell another guitar. 

Oh, here it is :-)

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