Arturia microfreak & Arturia microbrute

Looking at moving on these 2 synths as they just aren’t doing quite what I’d like. They were spur of the moment lockdown purchases-so virtually new and clearly never left the house! 

Microfreak- really cool little digital/analogue synth. Hugely versatile in terms of sound creation possibilities and lots of great presets. The sequencer and arpeggiator also work well and get some great sounds going. The keyboard is awesome as well, though takes a little getting used to! 

As new and comes with box, manual, power lead, connection leads etc. Looking for £210 posted assuming PPG. Pictures can be provided on request. 

Microbrute- tempted to keep this one but leaning towards a poly synth. Fantastic, powerful analogue synths. My knowledge (or lack of) of synthesis means I’ve struggled to get the best out of it but even I have created some fantastic sounds. Really great little synth. 

Again as new including box, manual all leads etc. Looking for £185 posted PPG. Again can provide pics.

For those interested all the synth sounds on the recordings on my YouTube channel are these synths.
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