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Hearing loss is to be expected as we get older.  This happened to me and was expected.  But down the years I always experienced additional hearing loss after a viral infection.  Once lost, ones' hearing stays lost!

I did try a few pairs of in-ear hearing aids but improvements, if any, were very marginal.  And not worth the considerable expense of the devices.  My last viral infection, not Covid-19, was back in January.

In my case, the principal losses are understanding or making out what men who tend to mumble or women say.  This is worse if there is a low frequency sound in the room.  For example, in the car, or if an extractor fan is running.

It is not easy and it is not getting any better.
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  • merlinmerlin Frets: 4461
    I have proper hearing loss in my left ear particularly. It comes (in my case) from standing to the right of the drummer. And it's not his drums, apparently. It's his cocking cymbals. 

    Been doing it for years. Permanent damage. I wear the aids of joy in both ears, have done for around a year. Sucks. 

    Use protection kids, you don't want to catch anything. Deafness in particular. 
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  • RolandRoland Frets: 6236
    Welcome to the world of the ageing guitarist. Modern hearing aids are complex beasts. I spent over an hour with the specialist configuring mine. For example explaining comb filtering. It took two sessions, but they are now configured to what I need, including turning off automatic features which the specialist didn’t even know were there. In the UK you can do this through the NHS rather than pay thousands
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  • vasselmeyervasselmeyer Frets: 3376
    I've in my early 50s now and I've ALWAYS work something to stop my ears ever since I saw Queen and Status Quo at Maine Road on the "Magic" tour in 1988 and couldn't hear properly for three days afterwards. Even then, I knew that wasn't good and ever since, I've worn some form of earplugs whenever I am exposed to loud noises. Currently I have moulded ACS 26 and some Flare Audio bone-conducting plugs. I carry a set with me pretty much all the time.

    My hearing is following the usual age-related decline (currently can't hear much above 12k) but I don't suffer from tinnitus or other volume-related damage. Fingers crossed because I know many people my age, and younger, whose hearing is fucked because they never protected it.
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  • vizviz Frets: 8499
    If anyone suffers post viral hearing loss, get to the GP urgently and inquire about steroids. In some cases steroidal treatment can reverse hearing damage, but only if taken very soon after the damage is triggered - like within a day of the attack on your ears.
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