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More dead wood.

A couple of nice things I put together, in my quest for tone.

First up, VH2.

This is a GSP basses kit based on a Jim Root tele.

One piece, lightweight ash body, maple neck with ebony fretboard.

Usual Graham high quality work.

I built it as a back up live guitar, and it has a very raw feel.

The finish is a liberal coat of wood silk, which is a fine wax based polish, it is really just a sealer.

Pickups are a matched set of Bareknuckle VH2’s, and the sound I was after is based on an EVH style tone. These are direct mounted to the body with the normal screws so they have not been drilled out.

You will notice I have taken the theme a step further by using eye hooks for strap buttons, strap is included.

A slight bit of worming to the back, as I did use it for gigs a few times, but it has no fret wear.

The pickups are wired for 5 sounds, which are variations on full outputs and out of phase settings.

It has a set of mini Grovers, but some of the screws are a little chewed up.

I adapted a standard Esquire bakelite pickguard to be a bit different, and the chrome pickup surrounds are there for a bit of bling.

Overall, it is a pretty nice guitar, and has plenty of potential if anybody wants to take it further.


JBJ Esq.    SOLD

This is built around a quality 2 piece ash body, and a nicely flamed maple neck with rosewood fretboard.

The body is a true esquire, there is no neck pickup routing, and is finished with a single coat of Danish oil, very thin finish.

The single pickup is a JB junior, I think, but I can’t be 100 per cent without taking it out, I have tried a few different types of these pickups, but it is definitely a Seymour Duncan, it could be a Lil 59 though??

The wiring is not complete, and I have the 3 way set for simple on / off, but the tone and vol work very well, tone is nearest and works like a wah wah.

The neck is nicely flamed, quite chunky, and there is no fretwear, but I have played it a lot. Fitted with decent locking tuners and a roller string tree.

Both of these guitars are currently set up with old 10-52 EB’s, and are tuned to Eflat, new strings will be a must

I am looking for £425 £400 posted for each of these, neither comes with a case, but will be incredibly well wrapped. packed and boxed.


I can’t be much more specific about them without dis-assembly, and I have no desire to do that just yet. I can provide more pics or details on request though.


Andy k

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