Dirty Snake Mouth - Mixing Challenge!!!!

Ok... "Who the f*&k is Dirty Snake Mouth?" I hear you cry...

Well, its a collective of tFB members who have got together vis the internet to record stuff...

The following track "Rocks" was recorded by sharing the files via filetransfer...


And now its over to you to get a good mix from the raw recordings!!!!!! A true tFB colaboration...

This is about getting a good mix from what is available, so no "re-recording parts" but feel free to use or not use all of the tracks available...

If you want to join the fun, send me a DM and I will provide you with a link to the raw tracks.

Send your submissions to mix@thefretboard.co.uk as an mp3.

Voting will start soon after the submission deadline of 31st October 2020 with each voter selecting their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.

First choice gets 5 points - Second choice gets 3 points - Third choice gets 1 point

The order and scores of the top three entries will be announced soon after the voting ends. If there are 8 or more entries, then the order and scores of those in the top half will be announced.  

No prizes... but... maybe the winning mix gets used on the DSM Soundcloud?

As people submit their entries, I'll post them in the playlist below. Hopefully we can share tips and tricks on how the mix was achieved. 
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