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I love making 7 string pickups, but there has been one major issue that has not only bugged us at OKC but is also common with pretty much all pickup manufacturers: Nobody has standardised 7 string spacing! Most major pickup makers will only offer 62.5mm spacing ... yet 7 string Floyd Rose bridges are WAY wider than that for example (as are many other proprietary 7 string bridges).  Add to this that various bridge designs exist that allow guitar makers to set their own, totally arbitrary string spacing ... and chaos rules. We chuck into the mix that there is standard humbucker form factor ... and the EMG soapbar size ... and making 7 string pickups is a mess of different pole spacings for which no commercially made bobbins exist and baseplate shapes that don't fit each other.

I got fed up with all this rubbish and decided to build the Oil City 'Dark Art' range. These pickups are based on the winding profiles of our most popular and desirable pickups: Blackbirds,  Djenerators etc ... but are 'blades' with a maximum 66mm string span and available in conventional and 'EMG' size. These can be ordered 'straight' or slanted ... and will be shortly be available in 8 string too. 
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