Sort of.. 

This came up on FB the other day at a sufficiently low price for me to have a go. Wales has been stuck in lock down for so long I haven't been able to play at all.. I bough a practice pad which is great for rudiments and things but ultimately useless for learning a song, and learning kick technique on.

It's a traps EX500 I think.. mesh heads, apparently has triggers and such inside but I have no module for getting such sounds. The feel is so much better than the rubber/plastic electronic drum pads and it is mostly very quiet. The plastic cymbals are the loudest part.. and mostly useless except for spacing at the moment. It's not quite acoustic drum feel but certainly the closest I'm going to get at the moment. 

The guy I got it off said that the frame is good for gigging, lightweight, solid and can hold snare, Toms & cymbals, with bass underneath. So that's nice. 

Next thing to do is probably sort out some sounds on there.. any cheap module recommendations? It's purely for practice, and will probably hook it up to ezdrummer for the sounds.

Alternatively I could get the silent cymbals.. or cymbal pads for my proper cymbals.. 

Choices :/

Overall pretty happy. I was playing at 10pm last night and I didn't wake child/annoy wife. 
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    Get silent cymbals- the Ziljian ones are fine.
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