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The news went out tonight; we got a deal. A while back this really cool independent label in the US approached us about releasing some material through them; that's why the album release has been delayed for a good chunk of time! We were finalising all that and waiting for the worst of lockdown to disappear.


As the blurb says...

We promised you big news so here it is...

Firstly, for our upcoming album, we would like to announce our partnership with 


 for the release which will be available in the summer, and yes, it will also be available on vinyl.

Secondly, we will be releasing our first single titled ‘Machinations’ on April 16th 2021.

We know it’s a while away so we will be making it streamable for 24 hours ONLY on Friday at noon through our Bandcamp - make sure you share this and tune into our page, as it will be going down on Saturday.

So gonna sneak peek a new song this Friday for 24 hours only. If you're interested in checking that out, see my signature or our Bandcamp -

I'm pretty stoked about this!!
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